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Connie McGee

Serendipity: "is the luck some people have in finding or creating interesting or valuable things by chance."

As my business name suggests, I came into this area of care through a series of my own personal experiences. Growing up I had visions of becoming a Nurse and a Mother of a big family. I soon realised that Nursing was not for me as I was no good with needles or blood! I completed a HDip in Youth and Community Work and worked in this field for many years. 

I got married in 2009 and assumed that the next natural step in my life was to start my family. However this step proved to be more difficult than either of us had imagined. After a year of trying naturally we went to a Fertility Clinic where we both and a litany of tests carried out. I had Low AMH levels and Endometriosis. I had been to GPs my whole life with severe menstrual pain but the only solution ever given to me was to go on the Contraceptive Pill without ever looking for a cause of my symptoms. My husband also had fertility issues. 

We were strongly advised to go for IVF and possibly egg donation. On hearing those words my whole world fell apart. I felt like a failure. I couldn't do the one thing that should have been so natural to me as a woman. i felt completely alone in the world, surrounded by pregnant women and pushchairs. My life changed in that moment and my desperation for a baby grew tenfold. And so the IVF process began.

After 2 all consuming, injection laden rounds of IVF and heartbreak we finally got our "Positive" pregnancy result. Our little miracle was born in 2013. 

Throughout the IVF process we also turned to complimentary therapies using Acupuncture, Herbs and Fertility Reflexology which I strongly attribute to the success of our final IVF, in particular the fertility issues of my husband which were completely rectified as a result of these therapies. These therapists and their therapies inspired me to change career and give back to couples my experience and knowledge. 

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